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Yoga Guide: Yoga for the hips! (New post up on sassy-yogi.com!)

Hip flexibility is something that is so important but yet so overlooked in our daily lives. Our daily routines can create a lot of tension in our hip joints without us even realising it. 

Therefore, today’s practice is a very yin style of practice, that can help to gradually open up our hips, gain greater range of motion, and help to prevent injuries!

Check out the 10 asanas and their detailed write-up here!

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here’s where she meets prince charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him ‘til chapter three

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Liu believes that television “gives you the opportunity to have roles that are written for women that are in a wider spectrum than in film”. She certainly broke the casting stereotypes, both in terms of gender and race, when she took on the traditionally male, traditionally white, role of Dr. Watson. While Liu thinks that the industry has definitely opened up for Asian actors compared to when she started, she stresses that “It’s still a struggle. The bridge for that is not wide as it should be.”
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You said it yourself, bitch, we’re the guardians of the galaxy.

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and i said to my body. softly. ‘i want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied, ‘i have been waiting my whole life for this.’ 
- nayyirah waheed (via roserosetyler)

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high school teacher: yeah i have a 4 year degree so you can call me Mr. Whatshisname and if you call me Frank that's disrespectful I'll give you detention for a week
college professor: hi i've got my Ph.D., i spent 10 years doing research, i have 7 patents and 26 published papers, and i was nationally recognized for my work. but you can call me Kim if you want.
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CBS | TVSHOWS | Fall 2014 Promo: Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller.

You silly little flirts. <3

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Cumberbatch Appreciation - I know I’m not the only one getting a Clark Kent vibe.

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The way I dress is really about the message I want to send out to the world about who I am. Growing up in Alabama, I was black. I was poor. I was assigned male at birth — that’s how I like to put it. These things defined me, but I’m not any of these things. Clothes were a way for me to announce to the world who I was. I am not any of these things. This is who I am." - Laverne Cox

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